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We understand that customs matters can be quite complicated, but don't worry!
We are here to support and guide you with various customs issues. With a team of experts, we can help you and your business move forward and grow, even across the border.


In addition to providing storage and transportation of goods, we can help you with various customs issues. We understand that customs matters can sometimes be complicated, which is why we are here to guide and support you.

Do you want to import goods from outside the European Union? Then you must file an import declaration to Customs. We can carry out this declaration for you, relieving you of all formalities.

We ensure that all information we submit to Customs is correct, and strive to ensure that you minimize taxes and duties within the framework of the laws and regulations.

When you want to bring goods outside the European Union, it is mandatory to file an Export Declaration. We can file these declarations for you, regardless of the location the goods currently are in the Netherlands. You do not have to deliver the goods to us, which in turn benefits transit time.

When your goods enter the European Union, you must file an import declaration. To shift this to another location/time, we can create a Transit Document for you.

With a Transit document, we make sure you can transport the goods from A to B under Customs supervision. Upon arrival at your agreed location, you/we/third party can then file a final declaration.

With Excise movements, we can ensure that you can transport your goods under suspension of excise and consumption tax.

Deferring payment of excise duty and consumption tax can be an attractive option. If you plan to sell the goods elsewhere in the European Union or take them outside the European Union again, we can file an excise duty declaration so that you pay local taxes at destination. This way, you avoid multiple payments and administrative hassles to reclaim the taxes. Conditions do apply to the use of Excise movement. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The excise movements we can offer you:

  • Excise declaration combined with an import declaration
  • From excise warehouse to another excise warehouse.
  • From an excise warehouse to a registered consignee
  • Shipment of excisable goods to a certified consignee
  • Receipt of excisable goods as a certified consignee

You are also at the right place for storage of bonded goods. You can store non-Union goods approved by Customs and under Customs supervision in our bonded warehouse.

You may store the goods indefinitely, until the goods:

  • are placed under a subsequent customs procedure
  • to be destroyed
  • leave the customs territory of the Union

You do not have to pay import duties and other charges for the goods. You also do not have to comply with trade policy measures, provided they do not prohibit the goods from entering or leaving the customs territory. This can have economic benefits for you. For example, you can also use the bonded warehouse as a distribution centre.

Amsterdam Customs Company can also help you with your customs advice questions. We can also assist you with new laws and regulations so that you can adjust your business procedures and processes accordingly.

Within our team, we have adequate knowledge and information to assist you with, for example

  • permit applications
  • classification of your goods
  • obtaining AEO status
  • external audits
  • and more

The European Union has trade agreements with a lot of countries/territories. With certain certificates, you can ensure that your client pays less or no taxes in the importing country

We can create the following documents:

  • EUR 1 certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • ATR certificate
  • Document Legalisation by the Chamber of Commerce

When importing non-European goods into the Netherlands, you are obliged to pay VAT. If you are registered in the Netherlands, you can apply for an authorisation Section 23 to shift the payment to your periodical VAT return. Do you not have a registered office in the Netherlands? Then we can offer you (limited) fiscal representation and handle your VAT obligation. We ensure that your VAT return is done on time, keep the records, do the ICP (intra-community performance) declaration and statistics declaration (Intrastat) to the CBS.


We have offices in Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Antwerp, and Grimsby (UK), which means we work across different countries. But even though we have many locations, we work together as one team. Our main focus is always on you, the customer. We make sure that wherever you are, you get the same great service from us, no matter which office you're dealing with.

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Our team is all about youthful ambition and fresh ideas, but we also possess years of experience. Whether it's special requests or challenges of any kind, we don't hesitate to go the extra mile. We are not just there for the basics; we embrace the unique and demanding aspects with enthusiasm.




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